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Triple T Refrigeration

Air Conditioning

Services in Air Conditioning repair and maintenance are provided for both commercial businesses as well as residential dwellings. If, for whatever reason your repair cannot completed, we also sell select units to get you back to feeling cool.

Certified in:

Unico System

Supermarket Refrigeration

With your cooling units down at a supermarket, you run the risk of not only loosing revenue, but part of your inventory as well. Don’t let your food go bad, give us a call.

All brands are serviced

Ice Machines

Triple T Refrigeration sells, leases, and services most brands of Ice Machines. So, if we are unable to properly repair your ice maker, we will br able to sell or lease you a functioning unit.

Certified in the Following Brands:

Hoshizaki Manitowac Scotsman

Walk-in Coolers

We provide sales and service for your Walk-in Coolers, too. Don’t run the risk of loosing your inventory and your revenue, call us now, and get it back in working order.

Brands Serviced:

Bally Cold Vault

Reach-in Freezers

Refrigeration Services are available for Continental Refrigeration, True, and most other brands of Reach-in Freezers.

Brands Serviced:

Continental RefrigeratorTrue Manufacturing Company

Pressure Washing

As a recent development, Triple T Refrigeration now provides professional cleaning of commercial equipment using our mobile steam pressure unit.

Proper and timely cleaning of your equipment has been shown to increase longevity, efficiency, and reduction in maintenance costs. In addition to this thorough cleaning, our personnel will conduct a proper inspection to check for any problems that may have gone undetected.

So instead of going through the hassle of doing it yourself, why not allow your cleaning to be performed by a qualified technician?