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Triple T Refrigeration

About Us

Triple T Refrigeration was founded in 1998 by Marshall Conarroe. Marshall, a Lamar graduate, is an experienced Refrigeration Technician with over 30 years of industry experience under his belt. The business initially began as Marshall himself performing all the needed repairs. However, the business quickly expanded, necessitating the room for additional workers.

Today, Triple T Refrigeration operates with Marshall himself, his wife, Bethany Conarroe, who delegates the administrative aspects of the business, as wells as several other experienced repairmen.

Triple T Refrigeration operates out of Washington County, servicing it, as well as surrounding counties, with top tier refrigeration maintenance services. Their services include the leasing and selling of refrigeration units, as wells as repairing, cleaning, and maintaining both residential and commercial equipment.

A more detailed look at the services provided can be found here.